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Jerry Everard [photo credit: Michael Matynka aka The Wise Pilgrim]
The FogWatch is about travel, philosophy and the journey of life. It is about how the experience of travel shapes who we are and who we are becoming.

There is nothing ‘New Age’ about this, it is simply how we build our sense of who we are through the process of rubbing up against the world.

Travel is not about discovering the ‘real’ you, as though peeling an onion through the tears, but rather, it is about creating the person you are becoming – an additive, rather than extractive process. And it is a never-ending work-in-progress.

We are verbs, not nouns, and I invite you join me as I travel, and see the world as I see it – sometimes quirky, sometimes funny and often thoughtful too!   🙂

About me

I’m Jerry Everard – writer, traveller and photographer with an insatiable curiosity about the world. I’ve been known to play celtic music on a hardanger fiddle, write blog posts on an ironing board, and turn pens from wood. My first book was about the internet, and I’ve had short fiction published in virtual and real worlds, along with the occasional feature news article. I also have a photo blog –

I do have some affiliate links – which help to maintain the blog – so if you feel like buying from one of the very few ads, please consider clicking on the ones you find here 🙂

I am not sponsored in any way, but if it ever happens, I won’t let that sway me from providing my honest opinion. That’s a promise.


  1. Dear Jeffrey,

    I received your reply to my earlier comment and responded to it directly but perhaps that was the incorrect method.

    In my earlier comment I mentioned that Jeanette had fractured her left ankle and foot three years ago. Bearing this in mind, are there any particular challenges or hazards that she should be mindful of in the sections Sarria/Morgade/Portomarin?

    I would be deeply appreciative of your advice because she is determined to do the walk. We will be 78 and 74 respectively by then and will intensify training in the Summer, including the use of trekking poles and cardio build up.


    Roger and Jeanette Sutherland
    1. Hi Venetia, Thanks for your lovely comment! The Fogwatch was inspired in part by the title of a novel (later a movie) called ‘The Shipping News’ by American author Annie Proulx and it occurred to me that combining a blog about travel — which gives us insight and clarity on other cultures, other ways of life as we travel through space, with philosophical thinking which provides clarity to thought and tools for dispelling the fog with which we travel through life (time), that the title ‘The Fogwatch’ came to mind. So my aim is to be a kind of lookout for interesting things I find on my travels that somehow tell us more about ourselves along the way.

      Jerry Everard

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